Dec 8, 2013

Display Referencing Nodes List on Referenced Node Using EVA (Drupal 7)

This is in continuation of the previous tutorials about how to show a add link using prepopulate link. In this, we are going to create a view using EVA to show all the referencing nodes on referenced node (i.e. Show courses offered by colleges).

Nov 20, 2013

Create Entity Reference Pre-populate Add Links using Views in Drupal 7 ( Tutorials )

This post is about adding an entity reference pre-populate link to a node in Drupal 7. Entity Reference Pr-populate module is such a powerful module but lacks the features of adding link out of the box. The method discussed utilities the flexibility of Views in Drupal 7 to achieve this.

Oct 31, 2013

Reference field option limit for hierarchy taxonomy Drupal 7 [Tutorial]

In Drupal 7, taxonomy list selection is not very user friendly if you have a hierarchy structure of taxonomy such as -

Sep 10, 2013

Hard Reset Samsung S5363 Galaxy Y

Think for second that your Samsung Galaxy Y phone got locked due to entering wrong password / pattern / PIN beyond the allowed threshold. You can not get into your phone and now want to recover it to previous state.

Aug 22, 2013

Linux Web Server Basics

A web server is a combination of computer hardware and software which delivers web pages to remote computers using web browsers. Here, we will focus on web server program which is very famous called Apache web server.

Utilities for Linux Scripts

Literally, there are hundred of utilities in Linux which you can use to solve problem in Linux. This is the list of selected utilities which are frequently used in scripts in Linux operating system.

Aug 15, 2013

Networking with Linux Basics

Linux networking is based on TCP/IP protocol stack. TCP/IP refers to a large group of protocols which makes the communicate possible among large number of computers all over the world.  As a matter of fact, every computer which is connected via TCP/IP protocol is called host and a host can be a server, a client, a router or a firewall etc. Internet is so popular now that we can not live without it. Lot of critical business activities are dependent on Internet now and that is possible because of TCP/IP.

Aug 8, 2013

Linux System Accounting and Logging Basics

After you have completed installing Linux and set it up to do whatever you wanted it do, next big challenges is to maintain it. It appears a taunting task if you're not sure what's going on within the system. But you'll be much comfortable if you know about it. That's where System Accounting and Logging of Linux system comes in.

Jul 25, 2013

Linux Administrative Tasks Basics

Linux is a very powerful operating system and most of its power lies in it's capability in various utilities and programs available which runs through terminal or console. So, it is very essential to learn basics of Linux administration along with main commands and how to use them to administer you Linux system.

Jun 20, 2013

Rename, Add or Remove Labels in Blogspot

Labels are used to categories posts in blogspot blogs. Properly categorized posts make it easier for readers to navigate and find the right contents. As the site grows, you may want to systematically improve the navigation of your site and might want to manage labels. You might also want to add few new ones or rename / remove existing ones or merge couple of them. It can also be handy at the time when you want to delete your misspelled or redundant labels from your bloggers blog.