Compress and Resize Photos

How to Resize, Compress and Crop Photos With Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a program already installed if you have MS Office installed in the computer. This software is very useful when it come to re-size, compress or crop any image in the computer with ease and without any expertise.

This is a very handy tool now a days specially when you have to send photos to your loved ones on the Internet. Due to speed and attachment constraint, it is difficult to attach and send photos on Internet from home or office. Another factor is that photos tends to be big in size now a days as the default resolution of digital cameras are set to high.

To get started, Right click on the photos you want to resize, compress or Crop as shown in the image below -

This will open the photo in MS Picture Manager. Click on the “Edit Picture” icon on the top on the shortcut area as shown in the image below. After you click on the “Edit Picture”, look to the right pane. You should be able to see very many options such as Brightness and Contracts, Color, Crop, Rotate and Flip, Red Eye Removal and “Resize” and “Compress Pictures” towards the end of this list.
Based on what you want to do, click on either resize or Compress Pictures. For this tutorial, I will be clicking on “Compress Pictures”. After you have clicked “Compress Pictures”, you will options for Compression. For best result, select “Documents” radio button. Default option is “Don’t Compress”. After you have  selected, Documents for Compression, estimated total size is show in the bottom right pane which shows the Original Size and Compressed Size. Click on “OK” if you want to proceed further and compress the photo.
Now, as the photo is compressed, you need to save the image to make it permanent. I would advice to do “Save As”. This way, it will create another file with compressed image and original image will be untouched.
That is all to it.

How To Reduce PDF File Size

I received a pdf attachment from one of my friend which was approx 14MB in size and after looking into the number of pages I found out that it was only having 10 pages scanned document. 14MB file size for 10 pages document is extremely high. I was wondering and thought of myself that how can I reduce the size of that pdf file so that I can easily forward it to somebody else and save on Intenet  bandwidth and time to attach.
I have been looking for some free solution to reduce pdf file sizes for quite some time. After Googling I came across so many solution but non of them were free. Almost all the solutions were pointing to Adobe Acrobat software. I was not in position to buy such an expensive software to work only for few of  my files. Luckily, I came across Nitro PDF Reader.

 How to Reduce PDF File Size Using Nitro PDF Reader
Nitro PDF Reader is a free PDF reader and creator. After I installed Nitro PDF Reader and converted my pdf file and result was amazing. 14Mb file was resulted into almost 3.9MB. This was the result I was expecting. So this was the perfect software for me.

Let me show you how did I reduce the size of my pdf file. Lets get started -
1. Install the Nitro PDF Reader. After it is installed, if you go to "Devices and Printers" in Windows 7, you should have a printer named "Nitro PDF Creator 2 (Reader)".
2. We have to use this printer to print our pdf file and give a different name for the output file and new file will be much less in size.
3. Now, open the PDF file you want to compress.
4. Go to File and click on "Print" and select "Nitro PDF Creator 2 (Reader)" from the printer list.

5. Click on "Properties" and "Office-ready (medium files size)" under "Conversion Quality" and then press OK

6. Press OK again to send the file to printer.
7. It will ask you to type the name of the new PDF file which it will be creating at end of this PDF conversion process and it takes some time to complete the process.
8. You should have a new file now and if you check the file size it should be much smaller.

Hint: I chose "Office-ready (medium file size)" in my case but there are other options as well for "web-ready (small file size)" etc and there is an option for custom setting too if you want to play around with the size optimization by yourself.

Download: Nitro PDF Reader

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