Nov 7, 2012

10 New Features in Microsoft Office 2013

I am sure - most of us are aware of MS Office 2013. It's a big move by Microsoft and most ambitious release of the Office suite ever. It has been added with tons of new features and some of the main features in Microsoft Office 2013 are as follows-

1. Metro Look: This brings the clean look to the Office applications and can be best noted in Outlook 2013 interface.

2. Comment Tracking in Word 2013: This allows commnets from multiple authors to be tracked like a message board conversation specially in MS Word 2013.

3. Metro Facelift in Excel 2013: This brings further clean look to the excel application interface.

4. Windows 8 on-screen Keyboard for touch devices is designed to integrate well with Office 2013 applications.

5. Improved Autosuggestion: It is very responsive and provides autosuggestion which really works.

6. Office 2013 Touch Mode: Visual elements are widely spaced which makes it easy to work with.

7. Office 2013 Login Icon: It is positioned in the top right corner of each Office 2013 application which indicates if you are logged into Microsoft's online Cloud services for file storage and collaboration.

8. Office 2013 Account Pane: It show all the online services currently connected to your copy of Office.

9. Office Web Apps: This allows people to open word document in a web browser and interact well with office documents. Office Web Apps is not part of Office itself but it's a suite's integration with SkyDrive and Office 365.

10. Recent Locations: This presents a list of recently opened documents and it's location. This is shown - when open a Document is selected from File Tab.

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