14 Most Important Windows Shortcut Keys You Should Know

Have you ever experienced that you are unable to move mouse? Sometimes, this can only be fixed if you restart the computer. But, how can you restart it if the mouse doesn’t work. You can do it by removing the power source from computer. But, shutting down by removing power source is not recommended in windows. Here is the rescue, remember these commands for that situation. You can also perform lot of task without use of mouse in windows OS and it is faster too. If you can remember these shortcut keys, you will be the most keyboard efficient user in the office.

1. Windows Key only: It display or hide the start menu

2. Windows Key + D: It will minimize all windows and show the desktop

3. Windows Key + M: Minimizes all windows

4. Windows Key + E: It Opens Windows Explorer

5. Windows Key + F: Search for a file or folder

6. Windows Key + F + CTRL: Search for computer on the network

7. Windows Key + F1: Opens Help and Support Center

8. Windows Key + R: Opens The Run Dialog Box

9. Windows Key + L: Instantly Locks your Computer

10. CTRL + Esc: If you don’t have Windows Key on your keyboard, don’t worry use this combination to open start menu

11. Windows Key + Pause: It Opens System Properties Dialog Box

12. Windows Key + U: It Opens utility manager

13. Alt+Tab: Switch between running applications

14. Alt-Enter: Open properties of the selected item.


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