Useful Shortcut Keys for MS Excel

Below is a list of some of the useful shortcut keys for MS Excel for increased productivity by saving time. MS Excel is such a great application and lot of us who is more involved in financial and project management job tends to use MS Excel a lot. So, this list of shortcut keys for MS Excel will be very useful for any type of Excel users.

F1 Key :-  Need Help in Excel, press F1 Key

F2 Key :- Press F2 to edit the current cell
Ctrl + B :- To toggle bold text
Ctrl + C :- To  copy the selected items
Ctrl + X :- To cut the selected item
Ctrl + V :-  To paste the items from clipboard
Ctrl + U :- To toggle underlined Text
Ctrl + Y :- Redo the last undone action
Ctrl + Z :-  Undoes the last action
F12 Key :- To open file "Save As" dialog
Ctrl + A :- To select entire worksheet
F7 Key :- Press F7 Key to start spell check
Ctrl + F :- To display Find dialog box
Ctrl + H :- To display the Replace dialog box.
Ctrl + I :- To toggle italic Text
CTRL + S :- To save file
CTRL + 1 :- To displays Format Cells Dialogue Box
CTRL + 5 :- Toggles Strikethrough Text
Ctrl + Left Arrow :- To go to end of column
Ctrl + Home :- To go to top of Worksheet (A1)
Ctrl + End :-  To to the end of Worksheet
Ctrl + Pg Dn :-  To go to the next Worksheet

F5 Key :- Goto
Ctrl + N :- To open New file
Ctrl + O :- To open existing file
Ctrl + P :- To print

Alt + = :- Adds Autosum in the current cell
Alt + F8 :- To open macros dialog

CTRL + ; :- To insert current date
CTRL + : :- To insert current time

Home Key :-  To go to start of the row
Ctrl + Spacebar :- To select the entire Column
Shift + Spacebar :-  To select the entire Row
Ctrl + A :- To select entire Worksheet
Shift + Left Cursor :- To select all cells to the left of the active one
Shift + Right Cursor :- To select all cells to the right of the active one


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