CMD Commands for Windows Administrators

If you are a system administrator for Windows, you will prefer some of these command for day to day task. If you know them, it will make your job easier: -

Warning: These are specifically for system admin purposes. So, while using pay extra care as it can cause serious problems in your computer if not used properly.

Click on start and then you can type these commands directly in the search box in Windows 7: -

winver - Shows the current version of Windows

msconfig - Opens MS System configuration utility which is one of widely used utility

regedit - Opens "Registry editor"
services.msc - Open all "services" running in your computer

gpedit.msc - Opens up the "Group policies"

compmgmt.msc - This opens up the "Computer management" tool where you can perform various computer management activities.

devmgmt.msc - This open up the "Device manager" tool.

diskmgmt.msc - This opens up "Disk management" tool

dfrg.msc - This open the "Disk defragmentation" tool

eventvwr.msc - This opens the "Event viewer" tool

fsmgmt.msc - You can check Shared folders

lusrmgr.msc - Open up "Local users and groups"

perfmon.msc - Opens "Performance monitor"

rsop.msc - Opens "Resultant set of policies"

secpol.msc - Open "Local security settings"

msinfo32 - Opens "System information"

sysedit - Opens "System edit"

win.ini - Opens Windows loading information

system.ini - Opens Windows system information


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