How to Setup a Lab for Ethical Hacking

This tutorials explains how to setup a personal lab for ethical hacking from scratch. 

Certified ethical hacking (CEH) is the most demanded intermediate level cybersecurity course which is well respected and demanded in the industry. If you choose the path to attain the CEH certification, you would need some hands on practice. 

You would need following to setup a lab:
  • A notebook
  • VMWARE Workstation or VirtualBox
  • Kali Linux
  • Metasploitable2 
  • A Windows Server 8 / 12 without updates
  • Windows 8 or 10 
Metasploitable2 and Windows OS will be installed in the virtual environment. The setup of network card inside the virtual machine should be done with great care. It you are beginner, make sure that you configure the network cards as host-only so that it does not affect the network you are connected with. Never configure the VM network card as bridge when experimenting with CEH Lab as some of the steps might be considered illegal.


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