How to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attack?

As more and more organizations are increasing their dependency on information technology, any disruption to these services can have negative impact on the organization’s functioning. Recent incidents of Ransomware is one of such that can cause severe disruption and financial loss to any organization. Hence, it is very important for any organization to keep their information technology (IT) infrastructure safe and hack-free as much as possible.

What is Ransomware, anyway?

Ransomware is a malicious program which encrypts user’s data on their computer and ask money in return to decrypt it. Encryption is a legitimate program in computer which is used for safeguarding data in the event that computer is lost. Nobody can open and look at the data without the encryption key. Hence, safeguarding the data from being compromised. The Ransomware utilizes that feature of the operating system to encrypt the compromised system by tricking a user to click on a malicious link sent either through email as attachment or links on enticing websites. Once the hard drive is encrypted by the ransomware, the victim is asked to pay money in return for decryption of the compromised data.

How it infects?

Mostly, it uses the techniques of social engineering – such as tricking a user to click on an email attachment or a link on website. Once the malicious link is clicked, it starts to encrypt the data on the compromised system.

How to protect against Ransomware?

As said above, it uses social engineering tricks to spread and compromise systems. In that case, the best defense can be to protect ourselves from being tricked. Apart from that following considers can help significantly to protect our data against Ransomware.
  • Keep your system updated all the time.
  • Be cautious in opening any email attachment or clicking on a link on any website.
  • Install anti-virus, update and scan your system regularly.
  • Keep backup of your data. If your data is backed up, the loss will be minimum. You can always format the system and re-install the operating system and restore the data from backup.
You may suggest any other protection techniques against Ransomware.


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