Top 8 Reasons You Should Start Using Linux

Linux distributions have come to a stage now where you should not look for reasons to use it. But if you are not convinced yet, look into the reasons below which might make sense.

Reason to use Linux

1. It’s a powerful operating system. It still takes less resources and very stable system.

2. The best part is that it’s free. All the goodness of Linux is available free of cost.

3. It offers some of the most matured and reputed development tools for development.

4. You can run your mail, web, print, database, FTP, NFS services with Linux easily as Linux is very stable. Some of best servers are Apache for web, MySql for database, PHP for server side scripting etc..

5. Portability - Linux can run on various architectures.

6. Source Code for Linux is freely available. If you don’t like something about Linux, you can make modifications by yourself.

7. Linux does very well with multitasking – it handles many applications at once without any problem.

8. The most important thing I like about Linux is the ability to switch ON and Off the X-Windows – If don’t like GUI interface in Linux, either you can switch to another type of X-Windows window manager or switch it OFF completely and work in text mode only. There is no need for GUI interface if you are working on Linux Server.


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