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How to Make Money Online - A Beginner's Guide

Your success on with online business with Internet totally depends upon your interest, dedication and passion towards your work. You must have highly targeted focus. There is a tremendous competition on online business, so you will only become successful by becoming an expert at something and working on that with passion. There is no easy money making scheme available on internet so I would expect you to be innovative, a big thinker and willing to give everything to your work. The basic way to make money online is to sell/promote your own or somebody else’s product (i.e. affiliate marketing), services or information. The very first step to online business is to decide on product or set of products you want to sell or promote. You can choose one product or set of product from the same product category and focus on that. Initially, it is advised to sell or promote someone else’s product. You can develop your own later as you will start to develop your skills. The next step is to desi

14 Most Important Windows Shortcut Keys You Should Know

Have you ever experienced that you are unable to move mouse? Sometimes, this can only be fixed if you restart the computer. But, how can you restart it if the mouse doesn’t work. You can do it by removing the power source from computer. But, shutting down by removing power source is not recommended in windows. Here is the rescue, remember these commands for that situation. You can also perform lot of task without use of mouse in windows OS and it is faster too. If you can remember these shortcut keys, you will be the most keyboard efficient user in the office. 1. Windows Key  only: It display or hide the start menu 2. Windows Key + D:  It will minimize all windows and show the desktop 3. Windows Key + M:  Minimizes all windows 4. Windows Key + E:  It Opens Windows Explorer 5. Windows Key + F:  Search for a file or folder 6. Windows Key + F + CTRL:  Search for computer on the network 7. Windows Key + F1:  Opens Help and Support Center 8. Windows Key + R:  Opens

Networking Basics with Linux

Linux networking is based on TCP/IP protocol stack. TCP/IP refers to a large group of protocols which makes the communicate possible among large number of computers all over the world.  As a matter of fact, every computer which is connected via TCP/IP protocol is called host and a host can be a server, a client, a router or a firewall etc. Internet is so popular now that we can not live without it. Lot of critical business activities are dependent on Internet now and that is possible because of TCP/IP. Note: The word Internet has two different meaning - (1). The lowercase refers to the technology and (2). The uppercase refers to the world wide network interconnecting computers all over the world. IP ADDRESS: IP stands for Internet protocol. It is a 32-bit number assigned to every computer on the network. This acts as a logical name for that computer. This is very essential to have a IP number assigned to each host of the network before it could communicate to other peer. I