How to Make Money Online - A Beginner's Guide

Your success on with online business with Internet totally depends upon your interest, dedication and passion towards your work. You must have highly targeted focus. There is a tremendous competition on online business, so you will only become successful by becoming an expert at something and working on that with passion. There is no easy money making scheme available on internet so I would expect you to be innovative, a big thinker and willing to give everything to your work.

The basic way to make money online is to sell/promote your own or somebody else’s product (i.e. affiliate marketing), services or information. The very first step to online business is to decide on product or set of products you want to sell or promote. You can choose one product or set of product from the same product category and focus on that. Initially, it is advised to sell or promote someone else’s product. You can develop your own later as you will start to develop your skills. The next step is to design and develop your website and host it on a server to make available for the world. Now you have to generate very high traffic to your website. The simple and basic for making serious money from your website is the high traffic. Some of the most effective traffic building techniques are press release, posting articles, classified and email campaign.

As you start getting traffic to your website, you need to know various Internet Income Streams. The genuine methods of generating income from your website are Affiliate Programs, Google AdSense, Ad placement on your website, Sale of your own or somebody’s Product / Knowledge and your expertise in a particular field, Auction Goods, Sell e-Books/Articles/other written materials, and Banners.

If you participate in an affiliate program online, you receive commission on each sale of that product by referral. In that case, you have to place ad for that product on your website. With your own product you would make a profit on each sale based on your sale price minus the cost of materials, shipping and other expenses. With Affiliate Marketing, you have review equipment and have product links carrying your affiliate tracking code and you get preset commission on each sell of the product. Which ever route you take, you need to balance the following factors for maximum profits:

Maximize Visitors as much as possible: The more people that see your ads, the more will click and buy.

Maximize Profit: Adjust the selling price to balance sales volumes at the point where maximum profit is produced.

Minimize costs: it can be done by reducing shipping costs and administration costs. One of the best ways to do this is to market digital products such as software and e-Books that don't require physical shipping.

Maximize commission: Look for large commission percentages and high conversion rates in affiliate partnerships. Once you have an idea of how everything works, concentrate your effort on a particular website. The key to success of your highly focused website is creating a sufficient unique and interesting content on the narrow subject that is targeted. This will attract both visitors and search engine.

Some facts to consider about success of your internet Business:
  • You have to optimize your site for various search engine;
  • Build backlinks to your website as much as you can;
  • Add Meta Tag and H1 Tag properly;
  • Research and Place right Keywords for your website Theme;
  • Sign up to many directories;
  • Add new pages to your site at least once in week if the site is informative;
  • Keep index page interesting but search engine friendly;

Unless you have done all the above, your site can’t make serious money. Never change your website contents in one go or any progress you have made will be lost. This is worth to follow. For example: if you want to change the look of your website, change it slowly over weeks rather than days.

A daily action plan is required to generate slow and steady traffic from search engines. It will attract more visitors, hence more moneyDo these things on daily basis:
  • Contribute your articles to different websites (at least once in a week);
  • Contribute to Forums (daily basis);
  • Blog Regularly.
It is possible to make money online by beginners also but, keep in kind that it is a very time taking process and needs lots of dedication and persistence. I wish you all the best in your Endeavour.

Making money online is not a quick making scheme. Merely having a website and affiliate program do not just work unless you work hard towards the realization of your goal. Self-determination and conscious decision will make your dream true. 

You also have to fine tune your website with the targeted affiliate program or keywords if it is an informational website.

Some of the useful tips are mentioned below:
  • It will take time and will improve overtime. As I mentioned earlier that it needs your patience. Don't expect it to happen overnight.
  • Target right audience and advertise for them on your site.
  • Advertisement about free stuff works better than anything.
  • Traffic is the key to your success. No Traffic to your site means no money at all.
  • Content is the King. You should really have to have good content which will attract repeating visitors.
  • Credibility will count. Honesty is the best business policy.
  • Text Links ads works better than Banner ads
  • Keep your ads rotating


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